Our passion is pushing limits in the outdoors. Our duty is to supply high quality, clean trace minerals that come directly from the earth. These trace minerals provide a healthy way to replenish electrolytes that sustain hydration for better workouts in the gym or on the mountain. Our line of products is designed for ease of use in the wild without compromising an unbeatable taste. They come in multiple delivery methods including powders, tablets, and liquids for the perfect choice to achieve a higher level of endurance, no matter the pursuit.






Adventure Athletics - Ambassadors


Pro Mountain Biker

"I use Yukon Drops every day several times a day. I have always had issues with cramping when doing an extensive activity, but when I am on top of taking Yukon and Sahara, I never cramp. Super stoked on the Everest Protein bars as well."


Rick & Julie Kreuter

Beyond The Hunt

"From the backcountry to every day adventures, you need to be at your best to experience the most! You need a product that is convenient so you never miss a step. The K2 electrolyte tabs taste great and all you do is drop them in your water bottle and go."



Pro Mountain Biker

“I am completely obsessed with the Adventure Athletics products. It’s hard to find high energy products, that taste great and are easily packed for the remote locations I often travel to but the Everest bars have filled that gap for me. Along with with a phenomenal lineup of day to day supplements, I have found a brand I truly believe in.”

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