What three attributes do you think every hunter needs?

  •  Repetition
  •  Absolute solid patience.
  •   Positivity

What is your favorite adventure athletics product? How has it helped you maximize your personal progression?

  •  The Everest bars! They give me the “sweet tooth craving” satisfaction but with all the healthy ingredients of a protein bar that taste good! It is Thee perfect snack for any time of day! I have them for breakfast and in between meals to help me stay away from candy.

What is the most gratifying part of hunting?

  •  The second you drop your pack on the tailgate and look back at all the hard physical work, the mental work, and the spiritual connection you were able to grow in. It always amazes me at how I can push myself and am willing to suffer in order to “see that next ridge” or to just lay my eyes on another canyon. Even if they all look the same there’s something inside that drives me to keep pushing to find something nobody else has seen.

What is the hardest part about hunting?

  • The drive home! You know that it’ll be another year or longer before you can go back.
  • Finding a balance between patience and needing to be aggressive. By letting things unfold as naturally as they should. Trying not to push thing too hard but knowing you don’t want to miss the opportunity you’ve been preparing for all year for.

Why is hunting important to you?

  • It’s a LIFE reset for me. For me it lets me reset my mental & emotional side. I can go to the gym and reset my body but only hunting and being away from the city can reset my mind emotions by being secluded and relying solely on myself with zero outside world distractions.

What adventure would you like to do but haven’t accomplished yet?

  •  Harvest 4+ animals in one year.