“I am completely obsessed with the Adventure Athletics products. It’s hard to find high energy products, that taste great and are easily packed for the remote locations I travel to. Everest bars have filled that gap for me. Along with a phenomenal lineup of day to day supplements, I have found a brand I truly believe in.”

Also known as ‘Gully,’ Geoff is considered one of the foremost freeriders in professional mountain biking. The 30-year-old native of North Vancouver, British Columbia is one of the most photographed and filmed riders in the sport. He’s constantly busy with photo and movie shoots as well as slopestyle and freeride competitions all over the globe. He is also a talented photographer, writer, and producer.

What goes through your head first when you wake up in the morning before going out on a ride?

First thing that goes through my head in the morning is more of than not “What do I feel like riding today and who is keen for adventure”

Who do you look up to as your hero?

I look up to a lot of people, other cyclists like Richie Schley, Wade Simmons, Brett Tippie and non-endemic athletes like Travis Pastrana, Bob Burnquist and Tanner Hall.

What adventure would you like to do but haven’t accomplished yet?

I want to explore Nepal, more of New Zealand and more of Argentina.

How do you step up your game year after year?

If you love the sport enough, your curiosity will push you to progress naturally.

What Adventure Athletics product is your favorite? Why?

My favorite AA product must be the Peanut Butter and chocolate chip energy bar. It is easy to pack for any adventure and is quite a tasty treat!

Where is your favorite place to live your Adventure?

I love British Columbia… It is endless and so much still to see in my own homeland.

Adventure Athletics - Geoff Gulevich
Adventure Athletics - Geoff Gulevich
Adventure Athletics - Geoff Gulevich